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“What the hell…” We were the ONLY 2 MEN.


January 2017, Miami

There we were. Miami.
We arrived at the training venue…

…and could only see women.

Was this the right place?

Yes … It was:
We came for this training.

It wasn’t a women-only thing….
…but only women were there.


Max and I looked at each other.
“What the hell did we go to…?”

About 3 years earlier …

May 2014 (Max)

I had just graduated college and started making a living.

Knocking on doors for 3 years wasn’t exactly what I had pictured…
…I also wasn’t in love living up north.

“I wanna go down south,” I thought.
So I moved to Charleston, South Carolina.

It was an amazing city.
But I was unemployed for three months.

So I started doing sales calls for Mike, which was great.

…But then, I felt the pressure to get my corporate job.
Money wasn’t an issue anymore.

But life didn’t feel good anymore either.
I went back to that initial state:

I felt TRAPPED in the corporate world.

…and then Mike called me:

He had heard of some healing technique and found a training.

“Book your ticket,” he told me.

Early 2015, Maryland (Mike)

It was after college. After I left the Army.
After grad-school studying clinical nutrition.

I had bought a one way ticket to Bali.

For income I started a business.

Worked from my laptop.
Rode motorcycles through Thailand. (All the freedom stuff you can imagine.)

After a while I was still doing health coaching. Living in Mexico

Doing whatever I wanted … but still not feeling fulfilled. Not content.

To fight this feeling:

I was trying all types of personal development.
The morning routines. All the courses. Listening to all the podcasts and reading every book.

Hiring all the coaches…

…and I still felt stuck.

…Until a chance meeting with a clairvoyant woman (a what?)

She did a reading on my dog.
That’s interesting.

And entertaining.

Later, she ended up doing a little reading on ME and my wife Suzie.

She had this technique to “INSTANTLY REPROGRAM” people’s subconscious minds.

This blew my mind. Still does. Every single time.
Just to be able to SIT and work the energy to instantly “fix” the mind.

I didn’t care HOW it worked.
I wanted this technique for myself.

So she gave me a way to get started.
“Here’s a book”.

And I got into it like CRAZY.

I started practicing on people. I started feeling lighter.
“Damn. I need to do this forever”.

I bought tickets to a training.

January 2017, Miami

Back to the training with only women.
Yes. We were the only two guys in there.

We had just finished with the training…

…we cried our eyes out.

It was a weekend filled with crying, laughing, and intense healing. How manly is that.

Hugging each other.

Saying “I love you so much” and all that.

How embarrassing.
We were two grown men crying with women.

What the hell was going on?

…but we felt at peace.
It was relieving. And we felt like better men because of it.

“Spirituality…It shouldn’t have the stigma that it’s only for women,” we thought.

Then right at the airport….

Spirituality for Men, THAT’S IT”, said Mike.

We bought the domain right then and there.

Here’s what happened after we incorporated more spirituality into our lives and careers:


[+] Got out of debt
[+] Signed more clients than ever STRAIGHT after that weekend
[+] Developed ninja healing skills


[+] Felt new purpose.
[+] Fulfilled for the first time.
[+] No more doubts.
[+] Found inner peace.

And it’s only been about two months.

We realized…

…we gotta do this stuff for men.
Cause … well, men NEED this stuff. (We know, we had SO much healing to do too.)

So we started a community, where guys like you can get started.

Would you like to join us?

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Follow your gut,
Mike and Max Marschhausen

P.S. Our community for spirituality has a vision for change.
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