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To Men who feel somewhat lost

This Powerful Session Instantly Breaks You Free From Limiting Beliefs & Self-Sabotage

Instant healing technique used by Mike & Max changes beliefs in your subconscious, to crush fears and doubt in the first 30 minutes — No dogmas. No effort.

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Spirituality For Men

No more suffering in silence being a “macho man”.


Reprogram Beliefs

No more repetitive affirmations.

Activate Your Intuition

No more suppressing your gut feeling.

Mainstream for Men for the First Time…

This used to be for the monks and the hippies.
None of this is new, this is some ancient wisdom we’re simply bringing to light in a way that’s accessible to guys like us.

We’re NOT the start. We’ve just seen and experienced how powerful and life changing this stuff is.

The true potential of men has been suppressed for too long… but no more.

We’re here on a mission:

To END Fear & Doubt

We’re living as a society of fear-based beings.
Our purpose is to end that society of fear.

Now you can…

Experience A Quiet Mind

(No more critical voice chatter up there.)

Enjoy True Appreciation

(Feel the state of bliss coming at you EVERY morning)

STOP Overthinking

(Eliminate the “what ifs”, quiet the worries holding you back)

Feel Clear On Your Purpose

(No more needing to convince yourself you’re doing the right thing)

Develop A Deep Confidence

(So you don’t just think, but BELIEVE and KNOW everything’s gonna be alright.)

Feel Supported

(No more feelings of having to fight for everything, rather you know the Universe is on your side … cheering you on)

“ENERGY HEALING” Has Been Done For Thousands of Years.

Just as meditation has long been a cornerstone in spirituality, energy healing has played a role in many ancient traditions.

…Yet this is Spirituality without the dogma. FREE from institutions who tell you what to do.

And I’m sure there’s some ancient text, quantum physics or neuroscience type stuff to back this all up.

And to be honest … we don’t know exactly how this works, we just know how to work it.

And how to get people like this a better life..:

Here are some of our clients:

“If anyone is curious about learning more about the underlying limiting beliefs and negative mental patterns in their lives, Mike will help you uncover these in a very unique way. His healing technique is unlike anything I’ve experienced, and it opened my eyes to some areas that I would have otherwise remained ignorant to. Thanks for a great session, Mike!”

“unlike anything I’ve experienced”

Nate Tebow


“I am of the perspective that we are souls having human experiences. Prayer, meditation, time with nature are all powerful means for me to unify the two. However, I enjoyed my deepest two-way human conversation when I did a healing session with Max. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Love this classroom. Thank you for appearing in my life, Max.”

“my deepest human conversation”

Marlaine Cover


“Mike’s healing is instantaneous. I held a deep-rooted cycle of not connecting with women since childhood. Mike helped me realize the root of that belief and release it in one session. The most important relationship that has shifted for me is the one with my mother. For the first time in my life we share a genuine openness and deep trust with each other.”

“instantaneous healing”

Wade Wynn


Allow us to show you our process…

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